Wise 2007 Conference

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Tentative Schedule

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Morning Coffee Break: Tuesday : 10h30-11h, Wednesday, Thursday : 10h-10h30
Lunch: 12h30-14h
Afternoon Coffee Break: 15h30-16h

December, 4

Welcome session, amphi C (9h-9h30)

Session Chair : Claude Godart

  • Welcome to LORIA : Philippe de Groote
  • PC chairs words (Boualem Benatallah, Fabio Casati and Dimitrios Georgakopoulos)
  • Organization points (François Charoy)

Keynote Talk 1, amphi C (9h30-10h30)

Session Chair : Claude Godart

The future of Web Information Systems, Lutz Heuser, SAP research

Session 1: Querying, amphi C (11h-12h30)

Session Chair : Boualem Benatallah

On Tree Pattern Query Rewriting Using Views
Junhu Wang and Jeffrey Xu Yu and Chengfei Liu

Querying Capability Modeling and Construction of Deep Web Sources
Liangcai Shu and Weiyi Meng and Hai He and Clement Yu

Optimization of Bounded Continuous Search Queries based on Ranking Distributions
Dirk Kukulenz and Nils Hoeller and Sven Groppe and Volker Linnemann

Session 2: Trust, salle A008 (11h-12h30)

Session Chair : Alexander Lazovik

Evaluating Rater Credibility for Reputation Assessment of Web Services
Zaki Malik and Athman Bouguettaya

An Approach to Trust Based on Social Networks
Vincenza Carchiolo and Alessandro Longheu and Michele Malgeri and Giuseppe Mangioni and Vincenzo Nicosia

A New Reputation-based Trust Management Mechanism against False Feedbacks in Peer-to-Peer Systems
Yu Jin and Zhimin Gu and Jinguang Gu and Hongwu Zhao

Session 3: Caching and Distribution, amphi C (14h-15h30)

Session Chair : Claudia Ignat

Freshness-Aware Caching in a Cluster of J2EE Application Servers
Uwe Röhm and Sebastian Schmidt

A Collaborative Caching Policy Based on Path Scores
Bernd Amann and Camelia Constantin

Similarity-based Document Distribution for Efficient Distributed Information Retrieval
Sven Herschel

Session 4: Interfaces, salle A008 (14h-15h30)

Session Chair : Fabio Casati

BEIRA: A Geo-semantic Clustering Method for Area Summary
Osamu Masutani and Hirotoshi Iwasaki

Building the Presentation-Tier of Rich Web Applications with Hierarchical Components
Reda Kadriand Chouki Tibermacine and Vincent Le Gloahec

WeBrowSearch: Toward Web Browser with Autonomous Search
Taiga Yoshida and Satoshi Nakamura and Katsumi Tanaka

Session 5: Events and Information Filtering, amphi C (16h-17h30)

Session Chair : Tao Lin

A Domain-Driven Approach for Detecting Event Patterns in E- Markets: A Case Study in Financial Market Surveillance
Piyanath Mangkorntong and Fethi A. Rabhi

Adaptive Email Spam Filtering based on Information Theory
Xin Zhang Wenyuan Dai Gui-Rong Xue Yong Yu

Time Filtering for Better Recommendations with Small and Sparse Rating Matrices
Sergiu Gordea and Markus Zanker

Session 6: Data Extraction, Transformation, and Matching, salle A008 (16h-17h30)

Session Chair : Amédéo Napoli

A Survey of UML Models to XML Schemas Transformations
Eladio Dominguez and Jorge Lloret and Beatriz Pérez Aurea Rodriguez and Angel L. Rubio and Mara A. Zapata

Extending XML Triggers with Path-Granularity
Anders H. Landberg and J. Wenny Rahayu and Eric Pardede

Using Clustering and Edit Distance Techniques for Automatic Web Data Extraction
Manuel Alvarez and Alberto Pan and Juan Raposo and Fernando Bellas and Fidel Cacheda

Reception at “Musée Lorrain”, 64, Grande Rue (19h-21h)

December, 5

Keynote talk 2, amphi C (9h-10h)

Session Chair : Fabio Casati

Managing the eBay ecosystem, Eric Billingsley, eBay research

Industrial Session, amphi C (10h30-12h)

Session Chair : Eric Billingsley

A Framework for Business Operations Management Systems
Tao Lin and Chuan Li and Ming-Chien Shan and Suresh Babu

A Practical Method and Tool for Systems Engineering of Service-Oriented Applications
Lisa Bahler and Francesco Caruso and Josephine Micallef

A Layered Service Process Model for Managing Variation and Change in Service Provider Operations
Heiko Ludwig, Kamal Bhattacharya, Thomas Setzer

Session 7: Ontologies, salle A008 (10h30-12h)

Session Chair : Olivier Perrin

A Semantic Approach and a Web Tool for Contextual Annotation of Photos Using Camera Phones
Windson Viana and José Bringel Filho and Jérôme Gensel and Marlène Villanova-Oliver and Hervé Martin

Formal Specification of OWL-S with Object-Z: the Dynamic Aspect
Hai H. Wang and Terry Payne and Nick Gibbins and Ahmed Saleh

An Approach for Combining Ontology Learning and Semantic Tagging in the Ontology Development Process
Ljiljana Stojanovic and Nenad Stojanovic and Jun Ma.

Session 8: Rewriting, Routing, and Personalisation, amphi C (14h-15h30)

Session Chair : Fethi Rabbhi

Term Rewriting for Web Information Systems: Termination and Church-Rosser Property
Klaus-Dieter Schewe and Bernhard Thalheim

Development of a Collaborative and Constraint-Based Web Configuration System for Personalized Bundling of Products and Services
Markus Zanker and Markus Aschinger and Markus Jessenitschnig

SRI@work: Efficient and Effective Routing Strategies in a PDMS
Federica Mandreoli and Riccardo Martoglia and Wilma Penzo and Simona Sassatelli and Giorgio Villani

Session 9: Agents and Mining, salle A008 (14h-15h30)

Session Chair : Chihab Hanachi

Learning Management System Based on SCORM, Agents and Mining
Carlos Cobos and Miguel Nino and Martha Mendoza and Ramon Fabregat and Luis Gomez

A Web-based Learning Resource Service System Based on Mobile Agent
Wu Di and Cheng Wenqing and Yan He

Wikipedia Mining for an Association Web Thesaurus Construction
Kotaro Nakayama and Takahiro Hara and Shojiro Nishio

Session 10: QoS and Management, amphi C (16h-17h30)

Session Chair : Athman Bouguettaya

Economically Enhanced Resource Management for Internet Service Utilities
Tim Puschel and Nikolay Borissov and Mario Macias and Dirk Neumann and Jordi Guitart and Jordi Torre

Enhancing Web Services Performance Using Adaptative Quality of Service Management
Abdelkarim Erradi and Piyush Maheshwari

Coverage and Timeliness Analysis of Search Engines with Webpage Monitoring Results
Yang Sok Kim and Byeong Ho Kang

Session 11: Modeling, salle A008 (16h-17h30)

Session Chair : Bernd Amman

Managing Process Customizability and Customization: Model, Language and Process
Alexander Lazovik and Heiko Ludwig

A WebML-based Approach for the Development of Web GIS Applications
Sergio Di Martino and Filomena Ferrucci and Luca Paolino and Monica Sebillo and Giuliana Vitiello and Giuseppe Avagliano

An Object-Oriented Version Model for Context-Aware Data Management
Michael Grossniklaus and Moira C. Norrie

Conference Banquet at ‘’ Grand Salon, Hotel de Ville’’, Place Stanislas (19h30-23h)

December, 6

Panel, amphi C (9h-10h)

SOA and Web 2.0 - Friends or Foes?

Chair: Siegfried Handschuh

Panelists: Bernd Amann, Boualem Benatallah, Eric Billingsley, Athman Bouguettaya, Fabio Casati

SOA and Web 2.0 have coexisted as integration paradigms on the Web for some years now. While SOA is typically applied in business contexts, using a top-down, controlled, and structured approach towards integration and support of business processes, Web 2.0 is often referred to as its counterpart for ad-hoc integration, with a bottom-up, decentralized, and informal approach, relying on collaboration, architectures of participation, and social mechanisms with a strong focus on user interfaces. Despite their seemingly contradicting underlying philosphies, the question remains whether SOA and Web 2.0 are actually two sides of the same coin. If so, what is their relationship and where is it going to go? "Is Web 2.0 going to be the global SOA?" as has been asked already a while ago? What are the synergies of the two approaches? How can their complimentary strengths be combined to push forward the bounds of Internet technology? With both SOA and Web 2.0 reaching a state of maturity, this panel seeks the views of leading experts in the field to explore possible answers to these questions which may shape the research and product landscape of integration technologies and tools in the coming years. Are SOA and Web 2.0 friends and can they co-exist as a happy couple or will they end up as irreconcilable foes?

Session 12: Topics, amphi C (10h30-12h30)

Session Chair : Pascal Molli

Structural Similarity Evaluation between XML Documents and DTDs
Joe Tekli and Richard Chbeir and Kokou Yetongnon

A Replicated Study Comparing Web Effort Estimation Techniques
Emilia Mendes and Sergio Di Martino and Filomena Ferrucci and Carmine Gravino

Development Process of the Operational Version of PDQM
Angélica Caro and Coral Calero and Mario Piattini

A New Reputation Mechanism against Dishonest Feedbacks in P2P Systems
Junsheng Chang and Huaimin Wang and Gang Yin and Yangbin Tang

Short Paper Session 1, salle A008 (10h30-12h00)

Session Chair : François Charoy

Providing Personalized Mashups Within the Context of Existing Web Applications
Oscar Diaz and Sandy Pérez and Inaki Paz

Wooki: a P2P Wiki-based Collaborative Writing Tool
Stéphane Weiss and Pascal Urso and Pascal Molli

Creating and Managing Ontology Data on the Web: a Semantic Wiki Approach
Chao Wang and Jie Lu and Guangquan Zhang and Xianyi Zeng

Web Service Composition: a Reality Check
Jianguo Lu and Yijun Yu and Debashis Roy and Deepa Saha

Short Paper Session 2, amphi C (14h-15h30)

Session Chair : Mohand-Saïd Hacid

MyQoS: A Profit Oriented Framework for Exploiting Customer Behavior in Online e-commerce Environments
Ahmed Ataullah

Task assignment on parallel QoS systems
Luis Fernando Orleans and Carlo Emmanoel de Oliveira and Pedro Furtado

Autonomic Admission Control for Congested Request Processing Systems
Pedro Furtado

Towards Performance Efficiency in Safe XML Update
Dung Xuan Thi Le and Eric Pardede

Short Paper Session 3, salle A008 (14h-15h30)

Session Chair : Pascal Urso

From Crosscutting Concerns to Web Systems Models
Pedro Valderas and Vicente Pelechano and Gustavo Rossi and Silvia Gordillo

Generating Extensional Definitions of Concepts from Ostensive Definitions by Using Web
Shin-ya Sato and Kensuke Fukuda and Satoshi Kurihara and Toshio Hirotsu and Toshiharu Sugawara

Modeling Distributed Events in Data-Intensive Rich Internet Applications
Giovanni Toffetti Carughi and Sara Comai and Alessandro Bozzon and Piero Fraternali

Privacy Inspection and Monitoring Framework for Automated Business Processes
Yin Hua Li and Hye-Young Paik and Jun Chen

Short Paper Session 4, amphi C (16h-17h)

Session Chair : Gérôme Canals

Digging the Wild Web: An Interactive Tool for Web Data Consolidation
Max Goebel and Viktor Zigo and Michal Ceresna

A Web-Based Learning Information System - AHKME
Hugo Rego and Tiago Moreira and Francisco José Garcia

A Recommender System with Interest-Drifting
Shanle Ma and Xue Li and Yi Ding and Maria E. Orlowska

Short Paper Session 5, salle A008 (16h-17h)

Session Chair : Hala Skaf-Molli

Improving Revisitation Browsers Capability by Using a Dynamic Bookmarks Personal Toolbar
José A. Gamez and Juan L. Mateo and José M. Puerta

Hierarchical Co-Clustering for Web Queries and Select URLs
Mehdi Hosseini and Hassan Abolhassani

Navigation among Search Results: An Information Content Approach
Ramon Bilbao and M. Andrea Rodriguez