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Professor Lutz Heuser, Vice President SAP Research and Chief Development Architect at SAP AG, is responsible for the overall research portfolio management and the corporate venturing organization. His areas of expertise include collaborative business processes; ubiquitous computing and its integration into business applications; blended learning as part of corporate and non-corporate training; as well as security in corporate applications.

He joined SAP AG in 1999. Prior to his appointment at SAP AG, he was director of the European Research Organization at Digital Equipment Corporation and member of the extended executive board of the German subsidiary of Digital Equipment.

Professor Heuser serves on the advisory boards of imedia, Providence, FhG-Fokus, Berlin, FhG-IPSI, Darmstadt, and the D-Grid initiative.

Professor Heuser is a Visiting Professor at the National University of Paraguay and an Adjunct Professor of the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. In 2004, he was awarded an Honorary Professorship at the Technical University Darmstadt and in 2006 he became a member of acatech: the "Council for Engineering Sciences at the Union of the German Academies of Science and Humanities."