Enterprise Mashup: Putting a face on the next generation global SOADocuments (.pdf)

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proposed by Till Janner , SAP Research and University of St. Gallen, with participation of Christoph Schroth, Juan J. Hierro, Marcos Reyes, Miguel Angel Cañas Vaz, Javier Soriano, Volker Hoyer and David Lizcano.

Mashup is considered as the central enabler concept/technology of the Web 2.0 era. Based on definitions of [Hof, R.D., (2007)] and [The Economist (2005)] we take the following summary as foundation and definition of a Mashup: A Mash-up is a Web-based resource, be it content or application functionality, which has been created through reuse and composition of two or more different resources.

Mashups in an Enterprise context aim at enabling the users to dynamically compose and interconnect their own operational environments and processes in a very simple and flexible fashion. An Enterprise Mashup platform will facilitate flexible, useful and effective user interaction and management with all kind of resources. Especially the integration of Web Service technology is important to mention in an Enterprise context. The creation of so-called Gadgets on top of services enables end-users to understand the not human readable WSDL interfaces of current Service-oriented Architectures.

The central topic of the tutorial, Enterprise Mashups, will be presented to the audience with two major parts, theory and practice. The theory part includes the motivation, the necessary definition of important terms and concepts and also an overview of the state of the art with regard to current approaches of mashup platforms. A comprehensive argumentation and presentation of the requirements towards the realization of an Enterprise Mashup platform completes this part.

During the practical part of the tutorial, demonstrations of major existing platforms that allow users to create Mashups will be given. Finally the presenters will give a demonstration with a first prototype of an Enterprise Mashup platform. A practical scenario will be presented that demonstrates the value of an Enterprise Mashup platform in a large enterprise.

The tutorial is targeted to an audience of (but not limited to) people with a research or industrial background and interest in the following topics:

  • Enterprise Mashup
  • User-/Service Interaction
  • End-user driven service/resource Mashup
  • Piping and wiring of Web Resources
  • Enterprise 2.0
  • Next-generation SOA
  • Internet of Services

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