Workshops will take place on December, 3

Approaches and Architectures for Web Data Integration and Mining in Life Sciences (Half day)

(Chairs: Marie-Dominique Devignes, France; Malika Smail-Tabbone, France)(List of accepted papers)

Collaborative Knowledge Management for Web Information Systems (Half day)

(Chairs : Sergej Sizov, Germany; Stefan Siersdorfer, United Kingdom)(List of accepted papers)

Coordination of Inter-Organization Workflows: Agent and Semantic Web Based Models

(Chairs : Chihab Hanachi, France; Andrea Omicini, Italy; Nahid Shahmehri, Sweeden) (Cancelled)

Governance, Risk and Compliance in Web Information Systems (Full day)

(Chairs : Shazia Sadiq, Australia; Claude Godart, France; Michael zur Muehlen, USA) (List of accepted papers)

Human-friendly (Web) Service Description, Discovery and Matchmaking (Half day)

(Chairs : Dominik Kuropka, Germany; Ingo Melzer, Germany) (List of accepted papers)

Personalized Access to Web Information(PAWI 2007) (Full day)

(Chairs : Sylvie Calabretto, France; Jérôme Gensel, France) (List of accepted papers)

Web Usability and Accessibility (IWWUA 2007) (Full day)

(Chairs : Silvia Abrahão, Spain; Cristina Cachero, Spain; Maristella Matera, Italy) (List of accepted papers)