Wise 2007 Workshops

Tentative schedule

December, 3

Morning Coffee Break: 10h30-11h
Lunch: 12h30-14h
Afternoon Coffee Break: 15h30-16h

Approaches and Architectures for Web Data Integration and Mining

in Life Sciences (WebDIM4LS)

Session 1 (9h-10h30)

Workshop PC Chairs' Message
Marie-Dominique Devignes and Malika Smaïl-Tabbone

Q-DEX: A Database Profiler for Generic Bio-data Exploration and Quality Aware Integration
Fouzia Moussouni and Laure Berti-Equille and Gwenegan Rozé and Emilie Guérin

ProtocolDB: Storing Scientific Protocols with a Domain Ontology
Michel Kinsy and Zoé Lacroix and Christophe Legendre and Piotr Wlodarczyk and Nadia Yacoubi

Session 2 (11h-12h30)

An Ontology-driven Annotation of Data Tables
Gaelle Hignette and Patrice Buche and Juliette Dibie-Barthélemy and Ollivier Haemmerlé

Using Ontology with Semantic Web Services to Support Modeling in Systems Biology
Zhouyang Sun \and Anthony Finkelstein and Jonathan Ashmore

Data in Astronomy: from the Pipeline to the Virtual Observatory
André Schaaff

Collaborative Knowledge Management for Web Information Systems


Session 1 (9h-10h30)

Workshop PC Chairs' Message
Sergej Sizov and Stefan Siers

Mapping Metadata for SWHi: Aligning Shema with library Matadata for a Historical Ontology
Junte Zhang and Ismail Fahmi and Henk Ellermann and Gosse Bouma

Sequence Disunification and its Application in Collaborative Schema Construction
Jorge Coelho and Mario Florido and Temur Kutsia

How Do Users Express Goals on the Web? An Exploration of Intentional Structures in Web Search Markus Strohmaier and Mathias Lux and Michael Granitzer and Peter Scheir and Sotirios Liaskos and Eric Yu

Session 2 (11h-12h00)

Publishing and Sharing Ontology-based Information in a Collaborative Multimedia Dociment Management System
Annett Mitschick and Ronny Fritzsche

Invited talk
To be announced

Governance, Risk and Compliance in Web Information Systems

Session 1 (9h-10h30)

Workshop PC Chairs' Message
Shazia Sadiq, Claude Godart, Michael zur Muehlen

Conceptual model of risk: towards a risk modeling language
Amadou Sienou, Elyes Lamine, Achim Karduck, Hervé Pingaud

A Critical Analysis of Last Advances in Building Trusted P2P Networks Using Reputation Systems
Xavier Bonnaire, Erika Rosas

Deriving XACML Policies from Business Process Models
Christian Wolter, Andreas Schaad, Christoph Meinel

Session 2 (11h-12h00)

Enforcing Policies and Guidelines in Web Portals: A Case Study
Siim Karus, Marlon Dumas

Workflows abstraction for privacy preservation
Issam Chebbi, Samir Tata

Session 3 (14h-15h30)

Using Control Patterns in Business Processes Compliance
Kioumars Namiri, Nenad Stojanovic

A Framework for Evidence Lifecycle Management
Andreas Schaad

Collaboration for Human-Centric eGovernment Workflows
Khaled Gaaloul, Francois Charoy, and Andreas Schaad

Human-friendly (Web) Service Description, Discovery and Matchmaking

Session 1 (9h-10h30)

Workshop PC Chairs' Message
Dominik Kuropka

How to Create a WSMO-based Semantic Service without Knowing WSML
Gennady Agre, Ivan Dilov

Goal-based Visualization and Browsing for Semantic Web Services
Michael Stollberg, Mick Kerrigan

Agile elicitation of semantic goals by wiki
David Lambert, Stefania Galizia, John Domingue

Session 2 (11h-12h30)

User-friendly Semantic Annotation of Business Process Modeling
Matthias Born, Florian Dörr, Ingo Weber

Semantic Web Service Discovery for Business Process Models
Ivan Markovic, Mario Karrenbrock

Web service search: who, when, what, and how
Jianguo Lu, Yijun Yu

Personalized Access to Web Information

Session 1: User Model (9h-10h30)

Workshop PC Chairs' Message
Sylvie Calabretto, Jérôme Gensel

User modelling for attending functional diversity for ALL in Higher Education
O. C. Santos, A. Rodriguez-Ascaso and J.G. Boticario

Exploiting profile modeling for web-based information systems
K. Abbas, C. Verdier and A. Flory

Learning Implicit User Interests Using Ontology and Search History for Personalization
M. Daoud, L. Tamine, M. Boughanem and B. Chebaro

Session 2: Context Model (11h-12h)

Contextual User Profile for adapting information in nomadic environments
A. Carrillo-Ramos, M. Villanova-Oliver, J. Gensel, and H. Martin

Contextual user modeling for Web personalization
Z. Jrad, M.A. Aufaure and M. Hadjouni

Session 3: Personalized Information Retrieval (14h-15h30)

Citation-Based Methods for Personalized Search in Digital Libraries
T.T. Van and M. Beigbeder

Personalized Information access through flexible and interoperable profiles
M. Chevalier, C. Julien, C. Soulé-Dupuy and N. Vallès-Parlangeau

Session 4: Personalized Navigation and Adaptation (16h-17h)

Regengineering Tool For Statistical Analysis of Navigational Modeling for Web Site Personalization
F. J. Monaco, X.S. Cheng, and M.L. Peixoto

“Watch the document on the wall!” An analytical model for health care documents on large displays
N. Windfeld Lund, B. Ivar Olsen, O. Anshus, T. Larsen, J.M. Bjørndalen and G. Hartvigsen

Web Usability and Accessibility

Session1: Early Usability and Accessibility Evaluation (I) (9h-10h30)

Session chair: Cristina Cachero

Incremental Quality Improvement in Web Applications Using Web Model Refactoring
Luis Olsina, Gustavo Rossi, Alejandra Garrido, Damiano Distante, Gerardo Canfora

Inclusive Usability Techniques in Requirements Analysis of Accessible Web Applications (Short Paper)
Lourdes Moreno, Paloma Martínez, and Belén Ruiz

Session 2: Early Usability and Accessibility Evaluation (II) (11h-12h30)

Session chair: Maristella Matera

A Visual Ontology-Driven Interface for a Web Sign Language Dictionary
Tania Di Mascio, Rosella Gennari and Mauro Felice

Improvement of a Web Engineering Method through Usability Patterns (Short Paper)
Jose Ignacio Panach, Francisco Valverde and Óscar Pastor

Flex RIA Development and Usability Evaluation (Short Paper)
Lenja Sorokin, Francisco Montero, and Christian Märtin

Usability and Accessibility Evaluations along the E-learning Cycle (Short Paper)
Ludivine Martin, Emmanuelle Gutiérrez y Restrepo, Carmen Barrera, Alejandro Rodríguez Ascaso, Olga C. Santos, and Jesús G. Boticario

Session 3: Web Usability and Accessibility Evaluation Techniques (14h-15h30)

Session chair: Cristina Cachero

Web Accessibility Evaluation via XSLT
Vicente Luque Centeno, Carlos Delgado Kloos, José Mª Blázquez del Toro and Martin Gaedke

Analyzing Tool Support for Inspecting Accessibility Guidelines during the Development Process of Web Sites
Joseph Xiong, Christelle Farenc, Marco Winckler

Quality of Web Usability Evaluation Methods: An Empirical Study on MiLE+
Davide Bolchini and Franca Garzotto

Session 4: Empirical Studies (16h-17h00)

Session chair: Silvia Abrahão

An Assessment of the Currency of Free Science Information on the Web
Chuanfu Chen, Qiong Tang, Yuan Yu, Zhiqiang Wu, Xuan Huang, Song Chen, Haiying Hua and Congjing Ran

Including routes in Web Information System as a way to improve the navigability: an Empirical Validation (Short Paper)
Valeria de Castro, Marcela Genero, Esperanza Marcos, and Mario Piattini

Session 5: Discussion: Future Trends on Web Usability and Accessibility (16h-17h00)

Session chair: Maristella Matera

Closing Remarks